Photography Exhibition at Thame Museum Saturday 13th July 2019 10am-4pm

Thame Museum

We were looking through the photographs of the last two festivals in order to put together the 2019 Festival Programme and were astounded at not only how well the photographs captured the spirit and energy of the festival but at the skill level and capability displayed by the photographers.

We decided that more people needed to see these photographs.

So, in the same way that we aim to give musicians a platform to be seen and heard by a wider audience, we want to allow our photographers' art to reach more people.

Thame Museum generousy offered a venue.

The entrants were presented anonymously and a panel selected 36 photographs to display. 

The criteria being:

  • technial quality
  • composition
  • capturing the essence of the festival

We really encourage you to visit the Thame Museum (perhaps on your way to visit the Six Bells) and view some of the truly fantastic photographs.

You may even have an opportunity to buy one or order a print from the photographer.

The exhibitiion has been created and curated by Stephen Greenhough and Simon Stafford.