Craig Live



Craig learnt his first few chords and strums from his English teacher, the acclaimed folk guitarist, Matt Armour, before going on to work as an English teacher himself.
Some of his more experimental lessons involved literacy through music where the songs of Mick Softley and Country Joe and the Fish were used for creative writing and war poetry.
By about 2010, the strength of the heart proved stronger than the sense of the head and he abandoned teaching in favour of playing guitar for a living. He sings and plays guitar at pubs, weddings, shopping centres and schools. He mostly plays cov­ers of songs that he likes, or those that translate reasonably well for one guitar and voice, but there is also a sense of spon­taneity at his gigs, as he is open to audience song suggestions and audience involvement.
He felt that his real name of Craig Papworth sounded more like someone who works in a hospital than a musician, so decided o change it. Being severely sight impaired he did consider the name Blind Boy Craig in sympathetic alignment with the blues musicians of the early part of the twentieth century, but did not want to be limited to playing the blues. After not too much thought he settled on the name Craig Live as the immediacy of actually playing guitar and singing seemed more real than the pub trend of backing tracks or effect loops.
Playing songs from the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s, plus some comedy, Irish and originals, Craig Live is an interesting album collection.
Craig and Gayton also host an internet radio show, "Don't kick the tortoise", every Monday from 2 'til 4 on which offers a healthy diet of music for you.