Dawes Allen Lapthorn



Double bassist Tim Dawes has curated the Thame Town Music Festival Jazz evening and is bringing some of the busiest and most talented Jazz players from the London scene. Along with Tim Dawes, the rhythm section will feature Amy Winehouse drummer, Nathan Allen as well as one of the most in demand jazz piano players in London, Tim Lapthorn.
This dynamic and creative trio will provide a magical musical backdrop for the special guests throughout the evening.  Do not miss this if expressive, thoughtful and beautiful jazz, Soul & Latin music is your thing. 
More information on Tim Dawes can be found: http://www.pureblissmusic.com/artist/tim-dawes

Nathan Allen is a 24 year old Musician/Producer.  He has been playing the drums for over 19 years and producing for the last 9.
Nathan has worked with various artists around the world including Faith Evans, Amy Winehouse, Natasha Bedingfield, Tom Jones and many more. He is also a member of the band Green from London.
More information on Nathan Allen can be found:  https://www.saynathan.com

Tim Lapthorn is a highly gifted and exceptionally expressive jazz pianist.
His bluesy, flowing, lyrical sound sets him apart from many of his contemporaries. His music is accessible and open and his style very much his own. His extensive classical piano practice in a family home that required him to be quiet has had a major impact on his touch which can be delicate and feminine when others crash and bang. His passion for harmony, especially Debussy and Ravel, is evident in his playing. His solos are marked above all by lyricism, conciseness, and total economy of statement.
This aesthetic approach has helped make him one of the top jazz accompanists as well as a major soloing figure.
More information on Tim Lapthorn can be found: http://www.pureblissmusic.com/artist/tim-lapthorn