The Epstein



The Epsteins 3rd studio album was recorded with Richard Neuberg at Strawhouse Studios in Oxford, and produced and mixed by George Shilling (Stornoway/Frank Turner).

Having toured heavily in Europe, particularly in Holland and Germany, The Epstein have built an impressive fan base on both sides of the Channel. Burn The Branches album sees the band depart from the widescreen country/Americana sound of previous album Murmurations (PIAS), and explore harder edged, atmospheric sounds whilst still retaining singer/songwriter Olly Wills’ undeniable knack for great melodic hooks. Finally Forgive, with its fast paced Texas shuffle and major-key harmony rock is a great intro to the new sonic world in which The Epstein have found themselves. A sonic world that takes in the hard rocking, full throttle approach of acts such as Wilco alongside the lyrical clarity of artists such as Bright Eyes.

Recorded after a heavy period of touring their second album, Burn The Branches is the work of a band full of confidence and willing to step into the recording studio with new ideas and work on them in that environment.

Many of the songs were written in the studio and it is this tension that is so noticeable in the songs on the album.

‘Recording new songs straight off in the studio has always been one of the hardest tasks to achieve as a band and I am really proud of what we have achieved with Burn The Branches. It is a great testament to the the band and Richard our producer and I really hope that people can hear this fantastic tension and excitement in the songs on this album’

The Epstein are an integral part of the ever burgeoning Oxford roots/Americana scene, alongside numerous luminaries such as The Dreaming Spires, The August List, Ags Connolly, The Great Western Tears & Francis Pugh & The Whisky Singers to name but a few!

Regular touring around Britain and Europe in the last few years has honed this sound as well as the bands live shows and has made them festival favorites at home and abroad.