The Organising Committee is managed by Johnnie Littler, the Festival Director and founder of the very successful First Thursday Music Club in Thame.

Working with Johnnie is Michele Pethers who is looking after the Creative Programme.

And working with Michele are a whole bunch of Venue Curators who are looking after each of the venues/stages.

See more about the people and the organisation here.

How we choose performers

We are very interested in getting local musicians involved.

So this is where you can get involved - by suggesting performers.

It is the Organising Committee as a group who will then decide who the potential performers should be for the festival and who gets listed on the website and ultimately who gets to play at each of venues.

Performers will be eliminated from this process if they don't meet the selection criteria which includes but is not limited to: producing music that is not one of the genres of the festival and have no website / YouTube videos showing live performances,.

So get us the information ... easy!!!

If you are an artist / band

Submit an application to play. We will need some information you should have readily available:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Link to YouTube video of you playing live
  • Bio/description
  • Genre
  • Contact
  • Link to Website/Facebook page
  • etc...
To make it easy - we have a form you can fill in to submit the information - click here.

If you are a fan / supporter

Go to our pages of proposed performers here.

And either watch some of the videos and view their web pages:

Or - propose a band you would like for us to contact and see if they would like to come and perform (click here). Easy!

If you just want to help (volunteering)

If you don't want to perform but you are an organiser or you just want to help - then please sign up to voluteer here.

If you want to sponsor (help fund) the event

If you want to support the festival as a sponsor or other funding, please continue reading here.

If you are a stall holder and want to be there

Please send us an enquiry here.