Katie Pritchard



Like the most memorable of UK gales, Katie Pritchard is blowing over the patio furniture of comedy, partially damaging the garden fence of genre and dropping a large, sturdy branch onto the car bonnet of musicality. For Katie specialises in all things Comedy Carnage, a term of her own (and in no way self-important) devising. To extend a metaphor already stretched to its limit, like all the best weather-based wind events, Comedy Carnage sweeps up a lot of stuff and hurls it together in one beautiful whirlwind of chaos. In this instance that chaos is jokes, music, poems, dancing, and facts, rather than an actual literal whirlwind of cows, patio umbrellas, bill-boards and roofing materials, which would be terrifying for her audience, but is co-incidentally the name of her next show.
And some quotes: 
"Sometimes surreal, often unusually perceptive, but always original and entertaining" ★★★★ (Female Arts Magazine)
"Katie Pritchard, a girl..." (Steve Bennett)
"Pritchard delights the crowd...is nothing short of brilliant" (Pamela Anderson) 
"I find myself genuinely envious of Katie's manic energy and talent whenever I see her perform." (Bec Hill)
"Bags of charm...there is no denying she is a star of the future" (Notts Comedy Review)
"Rather brilliant...who knew portraying a tea cup could be so funny." (Everything Theatre)