A Little Bit Country



A Little Bit Country (ALBC) are an Outlaw Country Duo from the UK. One half American, one half British, ALBC draw on both classic and contemporary country influences. The duo have been bringing a taste of Nashville to the UK ever since, releasing their debut single "Come To The Crossroads" in 2015 and their follow up hit "Shot At Loving You" in 2016, clocking up an impressive 150,000 plays and downloads worldwide. With the release of their debut album "Whiskey & Wine" in May 2017.  Throughout 2017 A Little Bit Country toured multiple venues and cities across the UK which reached its climax with multiple dates in Nashville, Tennessee in November 2017.

"ALBC sound more country than half of Nashville" - TJ Cates, Nashville Entertainment Weekly.

"You can hear that they are true lyricists and storytellers, and their music reflects all the elements you wish to hear on a country record. The duo combines a blend of experience, musicality, harmonies and ear-catching melodies to serenade you through the positive and negative emotional sagas of love and life"- jamsphere.com