Luke Concannon



'One of my three main influences along with Van Morrison…' Ed Sheeran (speaking about Luke)

I was Born in Leamington Spa, England, to an Anglo-Irish home full of Folk and soul music. It was a pretty happy scene, with the smells of vegetarian Whole food, the quietness of my folks meditating in the evenings, and regular Gatherings of the Irish side where us Grandchildren were immersed in the long nights of guitars, whistles, voices, dancing, and raucousness. I was singing before I could speak, and having the gift of dyslexia, drew and dreamt well, but had plenty of problems fitting into mainstream education.

At the age of twelve I ended up at a Catholic Liberal Arts school, with bass-player John Parker. We became good friends, sitting in a room for hours after school playing and writing. We Evolved in to the Duo ‘Nizlopi’. The difficulties at school later inspiring our number one hit, ‘The JCB Song’.

Luke will perform at the Songwriter Competition on Friday 12th July at Christchurch, Thame