A Party with a Purpose



13-14 July 2018

Supporting musicians

Not for profit……. For the love of music


Event Summary

Thame Town Music Festival and Convention 2018 is to be held on the evening of Friday 13 July and Saturday 14 July 2018 in the town centre and at various venues in the Oxfordshire market town.The inaugural TTMF was held 7 July 2017 and attracted an estimated 8,000 visitors to Thame over the course of the day.  It was estimated that the audience numbers in the lower High Street car park (in front of the main stage) reached a maximum of 2,500 during the performance by Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) at 20:00.  We are expecting an increased number of visitors in 2018.  TTMF18 is expanding the scope of the festival to include: a classical concert, a songwriters’ competition and a music industry convention aimed at supporting and educating musicians to help them understand how the music business works, make useful contacts, network with peers and gain advice on advancing their musical careers.

We believe

Original, live music is an important part of our cultural life.  We see the creation of music as giving a voice to expression and a source of joy.  We believe it is our role to try and help musicians and artists to be able to bring their music to as wide an audience as they can. We believe there are many talented artists working in specific, non-mainstream genres, with very limited budgets in regional areas who we can help through creating performance opportunities and introducing them to a supportive infrastructure and appropriate advice and introductions in the music industry.

Principles of organisation

We remain committed to the principles initiated in 2017 namely:

  1. We will treat everyone as we would wish to be treated
  2. We will do each task as well as we can
  3. We focus on music, particularly original and authentic music.

Objectives of TTMF18

  • An annual event which attracts new and established musical artists which supports new and original music and musicians.
  • A high quality, authentic, friendly and supportive musical experience with clear differentiation from other small festivals
  • To further enrich the cultural life and reputation of Thame as a vibrant, diverse, and enthusiastic community and to support the local economy and small retail businesses particularly Thame High Street
  • To give artists a platform to perform in a quality setting to a supportive and engaged audience
  • To continue the FTMC mission of promoting live music performance in Thame


Thame Town Music 2018 Festival and Convention [TTMF18] will take place over 2 days on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 July 2018 in Thame Oxon. and comprises four elements. Please click on the links below to see information about the four elements:

The Festival - Saturday 14th July 12:00 – 23:00, All over Thame, Oxon. (Free)

The Convention - Saturday 14th July 12:00 – 19:00, The Barns Centre Thame, Oxon. (Free) 

The Classical Concert - Friday 13th July, 19:30 – 21:30 St. Mary’s Church, Thame Oxon. (Ticketed)

The Songwriters’ Competition - Friday 13th July, 20:00–22:30 The Barns Centre, Thame Oxon. (Free) 

The First Thursday Music Club

Thame Town Music Festival [TTMF] is organised by the First Thursday Music Club which started in 2010 with the objective of giving unknown and inexperienced musicians and artists a chance to perform in front of a live supportive audience. Our belief is that 15 minutes playing in front of people is worth a week practicing in your bedroom.  Over the last 8 years we have showcased over 700 acts to a combined audience of over 10,000.  We have gone on to host stages at Towersey Festival and Beaconfest.  In 2017 we started out own multi venue, multi genre Town based festival in Thame, Oxfordshire and attracted over 8,000 visitors to see 58 acts across 9 venues.


The event is funded through sponsorship, grants (Thame Town Council), venue and stall fees, advertising and merchandising revenue.It is organised by the First Thursday Music Club limited on behalf of Thame Town Music Festival CIC which is a non-profit making Community Interest Company limited by guarantee and run by unpaid volunteers.