Wilford Social



Mark grew up in Thame and attended Lord Bills. He moved to London where he has been making music ever since. Mark reconnected with Thame last year when he began playing at the First Thursday Music Club in Thame.

Mark and Bethie met when their daughters began attending the same school in 2015. Mark’s musical background is in the rock and indie scene. He has played in bands around London at all sorts of live venues over the years. Bethie grew up in a small town outside Seattle, in the US.

Bethie is from the other side of the musical tracks. She has trained as a classical singer and specialises in renaissance and early baroque music.

Described by the Washington Post as “clarion”, Bethie has performed at swanky venues all over the world.

Mark and Bethie have found a middle ground in playing acoustic, harmony-driven songs which draw from a shared love of the singer-songwriter tradition.

With the addition of Andre on Bass guitar and Carlos on Cajon and Drums, the band is developing a sound style of Fleetwood Mac playing modern acoustic music.

A debut album of original songs is on its way and the band are playing live at various festivals and events over the summer.